Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Am Not Lost!

It has been a hectic week. I had our son and his wife and kids here for almost a week. We played board games, went fishing for a whole day and got crappies, blue gills, perch, northern pike, walleye and bass. What a day--- without a bullhead in the bunch. Then the men hit the cleaning and filleting. My husband makes a batter with flout and cornmeal. And they loved it. I love days on the lake, but it was hot and we went in a little early because of that.

Did not get any knitting in, no pictures up, and no email read. I am in a group called Mystery Stole 3 and it will be great fun. It starts Friday, so if anyone is interested, I think you have a week one to join. The leader is great so far. She has about 3500 participants and the pattern is translated into at least 10 languages. So join the fun.

I better get back to my email reading. It is still at about 800 pieces. Have a wonderful weekend coming up and better than that enjoy your fourth safely with family and/or friends. Happy Fourth of July!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Perfectly Lazy Sunday

Hi all, it is great to have some Sundays be peaceful and uneventful. I have caught up on some of my emails which were sadly neglected this week. Even if I could buy time, the days were way to full as is. I got some extra zzz's in and I feel a whole lot better for that. I hope all of you are feeling as well, and if not I hope you are better soon.

Projects, well I am aiming for this week to get one sock pic up and some of my buttons of KALs I belong to in case some of you are involved in the same ones. Then we will have something in common.

Some of my WIP are: Print O' the Wave Stole, Gentleman's Socks, Mystery Stole, and Mystery Socks. You can see I like it when others pick the project and I get the surprise. I like to knit socks very much, but over the years I need a few of what I call - put-in-betweens, just to keep me going. I usually finish one thing at a time, but with this stash (yours, too?) I am decreasing the size of the sun porch. My wish is to get some of it under my wing and get it done. I would really like to see a finished project now and then. I just finished a pair of beautiful socks foe my daughter, Beth. Guess what, it was not logged or had a picture of. You know what that means, she has to wear them here one day for a picture setting. Sounds easy enough?

Until the sun set again and again, I will try my very best to bring something interesting for y ou all to see and read about. On Lazy Sundays, that isn't much to say, just peacefully knit on your projects and enjoy some progress. Have a nice night, Deb

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time to Get Some Things Done

I am trying to do some things that are different on this blog. I would really like some input on what you think a blog should do for you as you read it. Here are a few of the items I would like to include. Design a sock pattern once in awhile. How often? Well that depends on how much time I need to keep a good blog to start up and maintain. Fun pop questions that come up and need a solution, like have you got a real neat idea for storing needles that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Free yarn would be nice, but that is stretching a full budget right now. If someone out there would like to co-chair a good knit along that does not apply pressure to your already full baskets, something really creative. But who ever is the co-chair would need to know the ropes to help construct a truly good knit along. I am a good support person with some good ideas, but don't know anything about even building a blog. Which come to a point I need help with at this time. I need a button for my blog. I have no idea how to do that. Some tutoring for yarn exchange would be great. I do a lot of yarn exchanges for some of the nice European books and yarns out there. I could share my knowledge from how to get phenomenal hand painted or dyed yarns in Europe and England.

Think your getting the idea with where this blog should be going? Help, shared help, just plain talking things over and suggestions of how to make things smooth out in everyday situations. I know there are a lot of creative minds out there who can share with us if we just put a hand out and figure how we can help them with their concerns. Making things easier so we have more time to knit. One of my friends from Germany suggested that we need to have a machine where we could exchange a task or money for time. We all need time from time to time ---? time, time, time. Yup, it still is there and needed. A little time soothes our nerves, and if knitting isn't doing it, you need an easier project. You can always go back to a tough project you once thought would be great to do, but now you could tear your hair out. Put it on the back burner and have the tea, coffee, iced tea.... you get the idea and knit, read a good (knitting) book, look on the internet to buy something new (yarn) and get it going again.

I hope you all can help and together make a great idea come alive. I'd appreciate that. Better go off and find some buttons. I have lots to put on the blog, -- now there's a good idea! Have a wonderful day and night. Share your love with those you know and just feel good.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's Late Again

I find it harder and harder to get to bed at a reasonable hour and get up at a respectable hour. But that is life.

This is to let you know a little more about me personally. I have knit for 40+ years. Love to knit what I call the "4S's". They are socks, shawls, scarves and sweaters. A few other items could be added every now and then, but for the better part, that's my life in knitting. I do a lot of knitting now that my age is creeping up on me.

I love to travel which is being done now by car or train because we finally have time to do it. I love the New England area and the Northwest states. We have had our days in tents, now it is smaller "ma and pa" strip motels. It is a lot easier getting our luggage into a motel where parking is right out front. We have had our days on the concierge floors. I admit some of the treats they used to give made it worthwhile, but listening to the trees gives me greater pleasure. This is getting to sound like a travelogue.

I'll skip back to the subject at hand, KNITTING. Yup, that's it. Comforting, relaxing (there is a difference to me), shaking off the day's problems or better yet thinking about the things that went right during the day. Favorite kinds of knitting patterns are lace, textured, and just plain old plain knitting that is mindless as when you think you have lost all but one of your marbles and the one lone marble left has no one to talk to. Now that is mindless. I sometimes define words so people get an understanding of just what I really mean, or I will put words in people's sentences before they even get a chance to end them properly. But I digress again. But never fear, knitting will always come back and if you are anything like myself, you still will collect yarn and patterns to last ten lifetimes. We will share a lot as we go along. I hope you will enjoy the journey and not fear to say what's on your mind. Keep in mind, there is a limit in that too. I'll enjoy getting to know you and hope you will enjoy me too. I'll close so I can go to sleep perchance to ...... Even that is used in knitting in a very pleasant way and that is the way I will end tonight pleasantly after having shared somethings with you. Good Nite all.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Who's the Knitting Dove?

It is great to be starting this blog. For quite awhile I have wanted to have one, but one thing after another interfered with getting it done. Now the big obstacle will be to get a button of my own. I can hardly wait for the time I can say, feel free to take my button! The blog means to me a real commitment to getting some interesting items into the blog, some pictures of the knitting I am doing, information I think is in the forefront. It means telling others how my day is going and helping others get through their day or congratulating them on something special they have done, said, or is happening in their lives.

I have started on a long road I hope this time. There is a strong commitment from me to have a blog others would want to come to and a strong desire to develop a pattern that is new for socks and in the future will see what happens. The big need it to set time aside in which to do some knitting, some shopping on the Internet for yarn, and answer emails as they come in, not a week later, but now. You can see that I am serious, but we all need support every now and then, just let me know and I'll try to help you too. Winging off, the knitting dove