Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch out the Dam Did Bust!

Isn't it wonderful that we have a boundless outlet for finding free items to encourage us to knit? We have blogs, patterns, knitalongs and many other ways to expand our fun. The patterns are there for anyone to take and use appropriately for enjoyment and certainly to take a stressful day and make it all wonderful with two sticks and ball of yarn. I know I can start knitting and soon the muscles release the tension from the day I have had. Here is the catch. Watch out for overload when it comes to committing to too many groups, blogs, etc. It is so easy to say, yeah I can add that item to the list, only to find out that your tension gets worse because of the desire to do too much! I am so guilty of that, over zealous need to fulfil a deep desire to become a part of everything that is going on the knitting world. An example, do any of you feel guilty about working so hard on the computer that you don't have time left to knit. Please, if there are any of you out there that has an answer to help me and maybe some others too, do so. This is the time to put in some of your thoughts on the subject. There is a lot of other people in the same position that don't know what to do and make themselves in a position they don't want to be in.

Yes, the dam did bust. Too many things to do and no time to do all of them. It is a wonderful group we belong to and a great desire we have to knit. I guess, those of us with this problem, we will have to process our brain messages in the order they should be done. Not collecting, but knitting. Thanks goes to all you very talented persons who give us the wonderful projects to do, and we will keep doing them, but in a much more thoughtful and organized way. Hope I don't sound negative, I just want you to know that I need help in this area and hope some of you who don't will read this blog for today and maybe you can share how you handle this problem. Thanks so much for reading this, my desire is to open our minds to the possibilities knitting affords us.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rest at Last

It has turned a new leaf and it is quiet around here -- shh! Someone might wake a raging giant. I have loved today. A little knitting, a good steak with baked potato and mixed veggies, and the thought of peaceful slumber is going to hit me soon. It is only 11:13 pm. I sit here quietly in my den using a keyboard to send you how I feel. I never knew how much 3800 people could write in a day. With 25 a crack, you want to throw it out, but then -- someone might need help you can give, or they may need a shoulder to lean on. After all, my problems seem like an ant from 30,00 feet in the air in a big jet. I may be needed, or it could turn and I may need someone. But peace is there now and I feel like someone is taking care of me. With all of the exertion from last week, this peace is great. You know, like when your about to fall off to sleep and all is right with the world.

I have at least two more KALs to work on. One I have done a lot of socks for already, so I can catch up easily. I am not cheating, they take you as you come. The other Kal is for a stole, a mystery stole, the third one. I can not believe that many have written in that the first clue is completed. That is one hundred rows. Phew - what a pace. You can bet a lucky penny that I will not be in that group, but I will be with the group. A nice difference isn't it? I can go at my slow pace and not feel pushed. After all this is Minnesota and Lake Wobegon is just over the horizon. I can tell that peace will hit me soon. My eyes droop and I am thirsty. Isn't it that the way it is?

What do you people like to knit? I can talk about any kind, whether I really understand it or not, I can try. It's great fun to learn about people, especially their fun relaxations and the accomplishment you feel doing them. Our family used to go the circuit of local fairs in the fall. By now we'd have veggies to clean and trim, clothing to press, canning to shine up, and exhaustion from doing all the work. But seeing a ribbon on the projects was great fun. Give yourselves a ribbon for your accomplishments in knitting or whatever is you fun. Give yourself a big pat on the back, just watch the arm as to not fall over from a very exuberant pat. I need to go to that place of rest to renew my body for tomorrow. Have a peaceful night or day depending on where you live. Think about all the knitting you have done and find a sense of freedom in that. A very Good Night (Day) to you all. Dove