Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Promises, Promises

What are all of you doing to keep you busy? I really wanted to say "whil" you time away, but I can't spell it? Oh, well. Just what are you guys up to? I hope it is fun. I have seen wonderful knitting on the emails and new patterns, ours for the taking. Isn't it nice so many generous people there are out there churning out the patterns like it was only a quarter pound of butter to get in return. I say a thank you to all of those who contribute a pattern. If we put five dollars into the bank for every pattern we have pulled off of the net free, I can not imagine what the account would look like by now. But what on green earth does all of this mean with a title like Promises, Promises --- glad you asked.

I have heard a lot of those lately and I am the guilty culprit. I better take a course on managing time better. I let it slip away frivolously. Maybe some of you have ideas on how to manage time better than I do.

I promised myself that I would get a picture of some of the socks I have knit up with some letters to let you know what they are about. Another promise is to start getting the sidebar items up for your information as well as mine. I believe I could go on and on with excuses on why, but they do not amount to a hill of beans. Yeah, I had a double abscess on two back molars, had chills and fever with the infection, and my cranky old knees with more metal than bone in them now - they just don't count. Shore up the timbers, the boat must set sail if it is to do what it is supposed to do. I can not reasonably let people know I have this little piece of blog until I can make it worth their while to stop by. Yep, I could use some strong counseling on how to get it all together.

A major call to all of you out there that know how to do buttons, or know someone who does. Help, I am drowning and need a button to buoy me up. I do hope you know of a good, kind person who would be willing to help out there. What I really need is a good course in computerizing too. (Now if that don't beat all, computerizing is a real word and spelt correctly too. By the time I get done listing the things that take time to do, that wouldn't even be time to list them. What a predicament.

By now you all must know this is not a pity session or meant to drag anyone down with me, but rather a good start on a good blog. I want that so much, I will save time for it. See, now that was not so hard for me to say ---- say, that is the operative word, it's the doin' that makes it all work together. I knew if I rambled long enough I would find the answers I need. So if you are not bored to tears, my screen seems a bit wet, I will sign-off and you can say a big "AMEN".

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