Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Perfectly Lazy Sunday

Hi all, it is great to have some Sundays be peaceful and uneventful. I have caught up on some of my emails which were sadly neglected this week. Even if I could buy time, the days were way to full as is. I got some extra zzz's in and I feel a whole lot better for that. I hope all of you are feeling as well, and if not I hope you are better soon.

Projects, well I am aiming for this week to get one sock pic up and some of my buttons of KALs I belong to in case some of you are involved in the same ones. Then we will have something in common.

Some of my WIP are: Print O' the Wave Stole, Gentleman's Socks, Mystery Stole, and Mystery Socks. You can see I like it when others pick the project and I get the surprise. I like to knit socks very much, but over the years I need a few of what I call - put-in-betweens, just to keep me going. I usually finish one thing at a time, but with this stash (yours, too?) I am decreasing the size of the sun porch. My wish is to get some of it under my wing and get it done. I would really like to see a finished project now and then. I just finished a pair of beautiful socks foe my daughter, Beth. Guess what, it was not logged or had a picture of. You know what that means, she has to wear them here one day for a picture setting. Sounds easy enough?

Until the sun set again and again, I will try my very best to bring something interesting for y ou all to see and read about. On Lazy Sundays, that isn't much to say, just peacefully knit on your projects and enjoy some progress. Have a nice night, Deb

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marit said...

Hi, I'm a first time reader on your blog, and will be back:-) I'm also participating in Sockamania, and I started my own blog only a couple of months ago...
Have a nice day!