Sunday, June 03, 2007

Who's the Knitting Dove?

It is great to be starting this blog. For quite awhile I have wanted to have one, but one thing after another interfered with getting it done. Now the big obstacle will be to get a button of my own. I can hardly wait for the time I can say, feel free to take my button! The blog means to me a real commitment to getting some interesting items into the blog, some pictures of the knitting I am doing, information I think is in the forefront. It means telling others how my day is going and helping others get through their day or congratulating them on something special they have done, said, or is happening in their lives.

I have started on a long road I hope this time. There is a strong commitment from me to have a blog others would want to come to and a strong desire to develop a pattern that is new for socks and in the future will see what happens. The big need it to set time aside in which to do some knitting, some shopping on the Internet for yarn, and answer emails as they come in, not a week later, but now. You can see that I am serious, but we all need support every now and then, just let me know and I'll try to help you too. Winging off, the knitting dove

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Anni said...

Welcome to the land of blogs.