Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time to Get Some Things Done

I am trying to do some things that are different on this blog. I would really like some input on what you think a blog should do for you as you read it. Here are a few of the items I would like to include. Design a sock pattern once in awhile. How often? Well that depends on how much time I need to keep a good blog to start up and maintain. Fun pop questions that come up and need a solution, like have you got a real neat idea for storing needles that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Free yarn would be nice, but that is stretching a full budget right now. If someone out there would like to co-chair a good knit along that does not apply pressure to your already full baskets, something really creative. But who ever is the co-chair would need to know the ropes to help construct a truly good knit along. I am a good support person with some good ideas, but don't know anything about even building a blog. Which come to a point I need help with at this time. I need a button for my blog. I have no idea how to do that. Some tutoring for yarn exchange would be great. I do a lot of yarn exchanges for some of the nice European books and yarns out there. I could share my knowledge from how to get phenomenal hand painted or dyed yarns in Europe and England.

Think your getting the idea with where this blog should be going? Help, shared help, just plain talking things over and suggestions of how to make things smooth out in everyday situations. I know there are a lot of creative minds out there who can share with us if we just put a hand out and figure how we can help them with their concerns. Making things easier so we have more time to knit. One of my friends from Germany suggested that we need to have a machine where we could exchange a task or money for time. We all need time from time to time ---? time, time, time. Yup, it still is there and needed. A little time soothes our nerves, and if knitting isn't doing it, you need an easier project. You can always go back to a tough project you once thought would be great to do, but now you could tear your hair out. Put it on the back burner and have the tea, coffee, iced tea.... you get the idea and knit, read a good (knitting) book, look on the internet to buy something new (yarn) and get it going again.

I hope you all can help and together make a great idea come alive. I'd appreciate that. Better go off and find some buttons. I have lots to put on the blog, -- now there's a good idea! Have a wonderful day and night. Share your love with those you know and just feel good.

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